Cold knowledge about valves

Although the tire valve is small, but as one of the important parts of the tire, it carries the role of inflating and deflating the tire to ensure people’s driving safety. How to judge the quality of valve?

From the structure of the valve, we can decompose it into: valve cap, valve core, valve stem, nut and gasket. What are the functions of these structures?

This issue takes aluminum alloy valves as an example to show you what great names are contained in small valves

  1. Valve cap

When the valve cap with sealing ring is tightened, the rubber pad at the bottom of the valve cap can be tightly sealed with the top of the valve stem, which can not only prevent dust, but also play a further sealing role.

  1. Valve core

All copper valve core has better corrosion resistance and sealing performance.

  1. Nozzle rod and nut

The surface of Baolong valve adopts anodic oxidation process to resist corrosion and oxidation; The thread is smooth without burr to ensure good air tightness.

In addition, compared with the rubber valve that needs to be replaced regularly, the service life of aluminum alloy valve is longer, and it can be used in vacuum tire with tire pressure up to 9BAR.