How to choose special cleaning agent for valve is very important

The small valve is an important part to guard the gas in the tire. Its main function is to inflate and deflate the tire and keep the seal after inflation. Valve cleaning should be done well. The selection of special cleaning agent is very important. Nowadays, there are many brands of special cleaning agent for valve. How should we choose?

Common valve cleaning process

Common valve cleaning processes include ultrasonic matching with valve special cleaning agent process, heating equipment matching with valve cleaning agent process and normal temperature valve special cleaning process. In these processes, the quality of valve special cleaning agent is a very important index.

Selection principle of special cleaning agent for valve

On the market, there are many brands of special cleaning agents for valves, and the product models of major manufacturers are numerous, which undoubtedly makes our choice more difficult.

In the process of purchasing special cleaning agent for valve, first of all, we need to find a manufacturer with complete pre-sales and after-sales service team. Then, through consulting the relevant technical personnel, to determine the treatment process suitable for the actual situation of our valve. Then, according to the valve treatment process, select the valve special cleaning products. Finally, before large-scale use of valve special cleaning agent, it must be a small batch of samples.

The valve is still very fragile in quality and relatively long and fine in size. When cleaning, the valve special cleaning agent should ensure the stability of the valve. Choosing a good quality valve special cleaning agent can avoid problems in the later use of the valve.