How to deal with tire valve leakage

If it is found that there is a leak in the tire nozzle, it may be due to the aging of the nozzle. Then you need to replace the new nozzle, cut off the old nozzle and install a new one. In the process of installing a new air nozzle, if it is found that it cannot be plugged in, you can apply some detergent for lubrication.

The valve is an independent valve body device, which is mainly used to fill and release the gas in the tire and plays an important role in maintaining the tire pressure. The valve should also be replaced regularly to prevent tire leakage due to aging.

Because the valve is made of rubber, it can not avoid cracking, deformation and loss of elasticity. When the vehicle is in daily driving, the rubber valve will swing back and forth with the centrifugal force, which will undoubtedly accelerate the aging of the valve.

The service life of this kind of rubber valve is generally three to five years, which is similar to the service life of the tire. Therefore, when replacing the tire, remember to replace it together with the valve.