How to remove the automobile air nozzle

Because the valve is installed on the wheel rim, if the valve is removed and replaced in a repair shop or 4S shop, it is usually replaced after the tire is removed. If you remove and replace a car’s valve by yourself, you don’t need to remove the tire, but you need to exhaust the tire first, press the tire down at the valve installation position, expose the valve base, cut off the original valve base, and pull out the valve, so that you can remove and replace it.

The process of removing and replacing the car valve by hand is as follows:

  1. Exhaust the tire gas and press the tire down at the valve installation position to expose the valve base;
  2. Cut off the cylinder base and pull out the air nozzle;
  3. Install a new valve. Pass the new valve out from the inside of the wheel rim, hold it with pointed nose pliers, adjust the angle of view, and fix the base on the circle of the wheel rim.

Although it is not necessary to remove the tire according to that method, the quality of the new valve is different from the original one, especially when the metal material is replaced with plastic or the plastic material is replaced with metal material. Therefore, it is suggested that a rotor dynamic balancing should be done. If the tire is opened and then the valve is installed, it is necessary to do the dynamic balance of the rotor. Separating the tire from the rim will form the dynamic balance of the rotor which has already damaged the tire.

It must be noted that whether it is aluminum alloy valve or plastic, the part touching the wheel rim is all plastic. In other words, after a long period of time, there will be natural embrittlement, cracking, deformation and loss of ductility. And when the car driving, vulcanized rubber valve with centripetal force swing back and forth, and then produce deformation, and further promote the embrittlement of vulcanized rubber. If it is not removed and replaced immediately, it is likely to cause slow air leakage. It is generally suggested that the valve should be removed and replaced once every 3-4 years.