Variable color tire pressure monitoring valve

Do you often check the tire pressure of your car? Maybe many people don’t even know how long to check the tire pressure? And do you like many people are used to, when you go out, kick the tire, feel no problem and drive off? In fact, the editor’s questions are just to show that the tire pressure seems to be a very small thing, but in fact, when the tire pressure is too low, the fuel consumption will rise (low tire pressure means that the contact area between the tire and the ground increases, resulting in greater friction), and it may also cause the tire to overheat. When the tire pressure is too high, it will be more difficult for your car to brake.

New technology of products:

We have also written about intelligent tire pressure monitoring before. The tire pressure monitoring system can be divided into two categories, namely, the tire pressure monitoring system that comes with the factory and the rear mounted tire pressure monitoring system. The main difference between the two categories is that the pre installed tire pressure monitoring system can be better compatible with the on-board system. The main realization forms of tire pressure monitoring system are “direct tire pressure monitoring system” and “indirect tire pressure monitoring system”. The direct tire pressure monitoring system directly measures the tire pressure through the pressure sensor installed in each tire, while the indirect tire pressure monitoring system compares the speed difference between tires through the wheel speed sensor of the vehicle, In order to achieve the purpose of monitoring the tire pressure.

New technology of products:

We won’t go into details here. If you are interested, you can click “new technology of supplies (11): when will intelligent tire pressure monitoring be realized” to learn more.

However, the cost of the tire pressure monitoring system is relatively high, and many middle and low-end models are not popular. It is very inconvenient to measure the tire pressure of four tires with a tire pressure gauge, and even some car owners do not know the value of the tire pressure gauge. However, if you can just scan the tire, you can know that the tire pressure is abnormal? Now there is such a simple and effective gadget that can easily solve problems.

Rightpsi is a kind of pressure indicator valve specially designed for tires. It can remind users of tire pressure through different color display, timely prevent and avoid accidents, and help users save money while ensuring driving safety. By installing a spring system in a sealed housing, the color of the circle around the rightpsi valve can change from red to black and then to yellow depending on the tire pressure. Red means the tire pressure is too low and yellow means the tire pressure is too high. When the color of this circle is black, it means that the tire pressure is moderate and suitable for travel. Car owners just need to check the color change of rightpsi before going out to get a simple understanding of the air pressure.

New technology of products:

This indicator valve can be used for bicycles, motorcycles, large trailers or any other car tire equipped with a service valve (Schrader Valve), just screw it on the valve stem cap. In addition, if you need to inflate the tires, you don’t need to take them off. You just need to screw off the cap on the rightpsi to inflate them directly. It can also be used as an inflation indicator, which is very convenient.

New technology of products:

However, it should be noted that the system needs to be adjusted according to the optimized tire pressure before the tire leaves the factory. This means that if you want to apply the system to another car or buy new tires, you need a new system. The company said it can adjust the valves according to the tire pressure, but it will not be able to adjust them after manufacturing.

So, how can this interesting and beautiful valve avoid being pulled out by bear child? The company that designed the gadget has realized this and taken corresponding measures. At present, hexagon nut is used at the bottom of the valve, which is difficult to remove without hexagon wrench. However, this is not a big obstacle. The company is developing a prototype product to introduce a more complex locking mechanism.

New technology of products:

Compared with the electronic tire pressure monitoring system, this simple and practical tire valve core can greatly reduce the cost of car owners. Moreover, for the models that are not equipped with TPMS, there is no doubt that there is an additional safety guarantee. Of course, the safety awareness of vehicle owners is also needed. It can be said that this product can supplement the blank of electronic tire pressure monitoring system in middle and low end vehicles. Moreover, the use of color to show the full situation of tire pressure is more obvious than the specific figures. The price of this product will depend on the quantity purchased, but the price of a set of four is $30, and the price of each valve is about $7 to $8.

New technology of products:

Main functions of tire pressure monitoring

  1. Prevention of accidents

The tire pressure monitoring system is a kind of active safety equipment, which can alarm in time when the tire is dangerous, remind the driver to take corresponding measures, so as to avoid the occurrence of serious accidents.

  1. Extend the service life of tire

By monitoring the tire pressure regularly, we can keep the tires working within the specified pressure and temperature range at any time, so as to reduce the damage of tires and prolong the service life of tires. Some data show that when driving with insufficient tire pressure, when the wheel pressure is 10% lower than the normal value, the tire life will be reduced by 15%

  1. Make driving more economical

When the air pressure in the tire is too low, the contact area between the tire and the ground will be increased, thus increasing the friction resistance. When the tire pressure is 30% lower than the standard value, the fuel consumption will increase by 10%.

  1. It can reduce the wear of suspension system

When the air pressure inside the tire is too high, the damping effect of the tire itself will be reduced, thus increasing the burden of the vehicle damping system. Long term use will cause great damage to the engine chassis and suspension system; If the tire pressure is not uniform, it is also easy to cause brake deviation, thus increasing the wear of the suspension system.——Tire Valves Manufacturer